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We’re from the community and here to help you reach your life goals.


We operate several paid, trauma-informed wellness and job programs that can help you build a new life away from the streets. 

All our programs include:

  • Nonviolence Training

  • Cognitive behavioral intervention skill building

  • Social-emotional learning

  • Intense mentorship

  • Conflict mediation skills

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Our staff and program mentors live in or grew up in the neighborhood and have lived through similar experiences with gun violence. They’ve worked hard to change from a life of violence to a life of peace. And they’ve helped many other community members do the same.


In 2023, 520 participants joined one or a combination of our job readiness, outreach or reentry programs.

I don’t see too many programs come into our neighborhoods that are actually helping us. This helps you find employment, find housing, try to keep you off the street and safe.

Workforce Development Participant

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As participants build their life of peace, they have the opportunity to travel as part of our Cultural Mentoring & Identity Trips—visiting museums and other cultural landmarks, participating in volunteer service projects, and building long-lasting friendships. Plus, participants are invited to our wellness events. Practicing different self-care activities supports participants as they create the foundation for a life of nonviolence.



Our job readiness program prepares participants with the skills, tools, and techniques to obtain, keep and excel at a new job. Participants will develop communication, problem solving, resume building, interviewing, and soft skills. Tools participants utilize will allow them to understand their emotions, maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions. The curriculum focuses on building self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship skills.

This program is 12 weeks long and provides a weekly stipend to participants. The group meets in-person Monday – Thursday for 2 ½ hours a day. On Fridays they meet remotely.


Beyond working directly with participants, the Nonviolence Chicago program staff advocate for their communities by hosting food, clothing, and toiletry giveaways. They also help communities reclaim spaces of violence through block parties and barbecues to cultivate safety and build relationships among neighbors.

My family are the people I love the most. And I just want to do the right thing for them. And ya’ll are making it possible for me to do that.

Reentry Participant

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