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Supprting Victims


We’ve spent enough time on the ground witnessing violence to understand that suffering doesn’t end when a shooting is over—and pain doesn’t only affect the victim.


When a shooting occurs, our victim advocates show up to support victims and their families either at the scene or the hospital. Advocates stay close to victims and their allies to provide counseling, medical care, financial and legal support—whatever it takes to manage trauma and ease suffering. 

As with all of our programs, advocates focus on building trusting relationships with clients so that they can help victims transform their pain into a strong voice against violence in their community. Advocates also provide long-term mentoring, counseling, nonviolence training, and support groups.This form of engagement builds a supportive community around the victim that accelerates healing for all.

Join our Grief and Survivor Support Group


If you live in Austin, Back of the Yards, or West Garfield Park and are interested in this monthly group, please call Behavioral Health & Wellness Coordinator, Jordan Whealdon @ (312) 350-4510.

“My son has been killed. But [Nonviolence Chicago] has been there and has been a big support. It’s not just a job with them. It’s genuine, and I really appreciate it.”


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Victim Advocates provide:


Immediate response

  • Emotional support at the scene and hospital

  • Emergency relocation/housing support for families, children, etc.

  • Emergency Supplemental Victims’ Fund application assistance

  • Funeral planning

  • Legal assistance/Court support

Long-term healing

  • Counseling

  • Mentoring

  • Nonviolence training

  • Cognitive behavioral interventions

  • Grief and Survivor support groups

  • Community engagement

  • Resource referrals

“Because they were there, it reduced my need to step into that retaliatory process. It’s like they catch you and hold on and say ‘we got you and we’re here to help you through this process.’”


For more information about Victim Services, please contact Les Jenkins, Victim Services Program Manager @ (773) 350-4508 or

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