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Samuel Castro

Director of Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships

Samuel has been doing outreach work for well over ten years with a variety of organizations. He started with Nonviolence Chicago as an outreach worker, but his relationship building and crisis mediation skills quickly moved him into the Outreach Manger position and eventually Director of Community Violence Intervention (CVI). Sam now hold a senior leadership role as Director of Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships, overseeing all programs and services and acting as the main contact for the city's most comprehensive anti-violence plan, "Scaling CVI for a Safer Chicago (SC2)."


 In early 2024, Sam graduated from the University of Chicago Crime Lab’s Community Violence Intervention Leadership Academy. This group of 31 graduates from around the U.S. will help shape violence reduction, improve public safety, and save lives across the nation. Committed to professionalizing the CVI field, Sam is also pursuing his BA from College Unbound. Sam is a motivated leader who believes in others and always pushes himself and his team to perform at a higher level.


The last time Sam was incarcerated, he spent 12 years in custody. Upon release, he was motivated to turn his life and community around. He is close to his children and family and is truly an example of second chances, transformation, and restorative justice. 

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