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Maurice Williams

Outreach Supervisor, Austin

Outreach Supervisor, Maurice Williams started at Nonviolence Chicago in 2017 as an Outreach Worker in Austin, where he was born and raised. Maurice says when he grew up in Austin he fell into the same “pitfalls and miseducation” as most youth did living in a community where “gangs were a way of life.” He mimicked what he saw and lost many family and friends. Maurice was a victim of gun violence, but also a perpetrator. Living a life of violence landed him in prison for over 25 years. In jail, Maurice began to educate youth on the negative consequences of street life. When he was released, he was recruited to Nonviolence Chicago because he was a credible messenger in Austin with a “license to operate.” He had relationships with key violence-involved individuals and could engage them on finding a pathway to peace. Knowing that your environment is a key factor to a successful future, Maurice is dedicated to making Austin a safer neighborhood. He doesn’t want youth today making the same mistakes he once made or experiencing the tremendous amount of loss and grief he had to endure.

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