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Les Jenkins

Associate Director of Reentry & Support Services

Les Jenkins is currently Associate Director of Reentry and Support Services for the Institute for Nonviolence Chicago. Previously he held positions including Victim Services Supervisor and then Program Manager. He is a trauma-informed care specialist and is certified in nonviolence and CBI training. Les is currently in College Unbound where he is in the process of earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. Previously Les worked in residential treatment for substance abuse. Now, he is also a business owner in the community. Les is a gun violence survivor. At 17, he was shot in both legs with his first-born daughter in his arms. It took him 9 months to walk again. This work is so important to Les because there were no supportive organizations, like Nonviolence Chicago, when he was dealing with his trauma and recovery. Les believes it is critical to meet people on the front lines when people feel hopeless and helpless.

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