Our outreach team builds strong relationships with those at highest risk of becoming involved in violence and other key members of the community, to defuse and deescalate conflicts. When a shooting happens, within thirty minutes of hearing about it, our outreach workers are on the streets, working to prevent retaliation and support those in crisis. 


For more information about Street Outreach, please contact Chris Patterson, Sr. Director of Programs & Policy @ (312) 805-5253 or chrisp@nonviolencechicago.org.



Violence isn’t in our DNA. And those involved in violent acts don’t have to be violent forever.


Case Managers provide individuals with the support and services they need to stay safe. Case managers work with participants to individualize services to meet their self-identified needs and goals, including providing positive behavioral supports, mentoring and counseling, housing referrals, job readiness training and placement services and, as needed, referrals to more intensive external services like substance abuse prevention and treatment.  Case management is an integral part of the long-term sustainability of peace in a community. Nonviolence Chicago recognizes people need alternatives to the violence and assistance in accessing and staying engaged with those alternatives.


One of the most important parts of our case management program is our reentry services for those returning to our community from incarceration. Case managers work to connect with individuals while they are still incarcerated so they have a person and place they know they can connect with when they are released. We are hopeful this will decrease recidivism while dramatically increasing resiliency and possibilities for a meaningful life.

For more information about Case Management, please contact Corine Jamison, Program Manager Victim Service, Case Management / Reentry and Workforce Development  @ (773) 350-5134  or corinej@nonviolencechicago.org.

We’ve spent enough time on the ground witnessing violence to understand that suffering doesn’t end when a shooting is over—and pain doesn’t only affect the victim. Our victim advocates work with victims and their families, helping them get the support and services they need and walking with them through the anger and grief that often sparks retaliation.


Whether they are dealing with issues related to injury, medical systems, law enforcement, trauma, financial pressure, or physical therapy, we’re here to help victims with whatever they need to move them along the healing process. As with all of our programs, advocates focus on building trusting relationships with clients so that they can help victims transform their pain into a strong voice against violence in their community.


For more information about Victim Services, please contact Corine Jamison, Program Manager Victim Service, Case Management / Reentry and Workforce Development  @ (773) 350-5134  or corinej@nonviolencechicago.org.



The Institute for Nonviolence Chicago offers training about the principles and practices of nonviolence established by Martin Luther King, Jr. in order to build and strengthen the communities of peacemakers that partner with us in the fight against violence. Kingian Nonviolence workshops teach that peace happens with open dialogue, forgiveness and reconciliation. We provide trainees with the knowledge and skills they need to engage in peaceful problem solving. All trainings are open to youth and adults who want to gain conflict mediation skills and promote nonviolence in their own beloved communities. We can tailor these trainings to particular groups and times ranging from 1 hour to 20 hours.


For more information or to host or attend a Nonviolence Training, please contact Ashley Perkins, Lead Nonviolence Trainer and Coordinator @ (312) 919-1868 or ashleyp@nonviolencechicago.org.



We believe that we are all responsible for ending violence. We all need to work together for real, long-lasting change to happen. It's crucial that the community has a voice that is being heard and ideas that are being supported. That’s why we collaborate to with other local organizations, mediate positive interactions between law enforcement and community members, and also work closely with communities directly— engaging, informing, and empowering residents to be peacemakers. Our community organizer and nonviolence trainers work block by block to get community members interested and involved in bringing about the changes they want to see in their neighborhoods.


For more information about Nonviolence Chicago's community organizing efforts, please contact Bertha Purnell, Community Organizer @ (312) 835-3305 or berthap@nonviolencechicago.org.

Violence isn’t in our DNA. And those involved in violent acts don’t have to be violent forever.


At the Institute for Nonviolence Chicago, safety and progress are our main goals for our clients who have been involved in violent crimes. Our case managers help clients find the support and services they need to make positive changes by coaching and mentoring clients, identifying what they need to succeed, and helping them set goals for a brighter future.


Safe school and work environments are an important part of our clients’ journey to move away from violence. We do as much as we can to make learning a positive experience for those who may have found school to be a hostile environment in the past. For clients old enough to work, we offer job readiness training and placement services. By providing safe spaces for those trying to move forward, we hope to help them learn to make spaces safe for others.


For more information about Case Management, please call Shannon Barr, Program Manager of Victim Services and Case Management @ (773) 417-7421 or shannonb@nonviolencechicago.org.





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